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Today is my very last day of Digital Design. It has been a really great year for me and I have learned a lot. I appreciate everything that was taught and I hope to keep up with photoshop when I get my Mac this summer. I will definitely miss Mrs. Frascht and all my classmates, but actually, I’ll probably come up to visit when something happens to my Mac. 🙂

I really enjoyed this class and will gladly recommend it to others.

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Well, my last day of Digital Design is Monday. I won’t be in class tomorrow because of the talent show and Goldbug Olympics. But it was definitely a great year for me and I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Today, I finished up my letter, Printed my wall art project and did some house keeping on  my desktop. I saved all the files I wanted to keep to dropbox and I will retrieve those tonight at my house.

I’m sad that the class is over, but Im so excited to be finishing High School.

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My last Tuesday :(

Its my last Tuesday in class. I am sad, because I really did enjoy this class, but at the same time, I’m excited to almost be finished with my senior year.

This morning, I was working on a page that I need for the Electric Gold Scrap book. But it gave me an idea for my wall art and Its almost done. Just a few tweaks and presto, its done. That’s what I was working on this afternoon. I still have to finish my letter but it is started… So I think I’m good.

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This morning, I was working on the senior scrapbook for Mrs. Cummings. But this afternoon, I will be working on My Wall art. I think I might stay with the collage idea but maybe try to make a different picture. The one I am working on now is not really working.


This afternoon, true to my word, I worked on my collage. I am trying a different idea with some pages. I also started writing my letter. But I nixed the header until the end because it was giving me all kinds of trouble and my patience is nonexistent today. 

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Finally Friday!!

I have been pretty excited for this weekend. Megan and I are going to see Nicole in McPherson. So it will be a great weekend.

This morning in class, I was brainstorming. Trying to come up with an idea for the poster I need to create for Mrs. Frascht’s wall. I tried a few things but nothing is coming out right.

I’m thinking that since I have no idea how to work a drawing tablet, I think maybe a collage of some sort would be good. But I don’t know how I feel about that. Maybe I’ll just keep it simple…

More this afternoon.


I think I know what I am going to do for my wall art. I started it today, but its just a an idea right now, so far, its going okay but I think I need to pick up the speed.

My idea is to create a path the covers the entire page, using other photos, or something along those lines. Anyways, we are getting out a little bit early today, which is a good and bad thing because I would love to stay and work but I really need to go home and get things ready to go to Kansas… So Farewell until Monday!! 🙂


Guest Blog

When this year started, I had two hours of Digital Design, 7th and 8th. Now I have four hours, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th. After spending that much time on the same computer, working through the same programs, I have learned a considerable amount of knowledge pertaining to Macs and Photoshop.

I can easily navigate my way around a Mac now, and after using Windows all my life, I have decided to trade my old computer in for a Mac. Pretty exciting.

In Photoshop. I have learned how to use most of the tools, some better than others, but for the most part I can work my way around the program. However, My favorite part about Photoshop is all the shortcuts. Instead of having to move my mouse over to the tool panel, find the tool I need, click on it,  and go back to what I was doing, I can press a couple of keys simultaneously on the keyboard and just keep working, I t allows me to be more efficient and get more work done. So here is a list of some of my favorite shortcuts in Photoshop.

Command + d = Deselects any selected areas

Command + t  = Opens free transform

Shift + option+ command + e  = Merges everything to the top most layer.

Command + = Zooms in

Command –  = Zooms out

Command + z = Undo

Command + option + z = Undo multiple times, but does have a limit.

If you are needing to select a different tool other than the one you are using, You can do this, in Photoshop, by pressing the letter key shortcut that each tool has. For example,

B = Brush tool.

V = Move tool

Q = enters and exits quick mask

Sometimes, there are multiply tools under one tab. The brush tool, for example has 3 other types of brushes and to get to those, you would press, Shift + B.

The letter shortcuts for each tool can be found o the tool panel in Photoshop. You can let you mouse hover over the tool and a yellow rectangle will appear and tell you the name of the tool along with the letter shortcut, which will be in parenthesis.

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So, I was pretty busy this morning. I did all my vocab for senior english during this class. But in addition to that, I also completed:

              • Work Samples? √
              • Guest blog? √
                • (But I will post it tomorrow)
              • Work for Mrs. Frascht’s wall? Ehhh…

But was have Career Center today and who knows what exciting adventures we will have in there? But until then, I’m going to work on my movie poster.